Abrasive Blasting is used to prepare steel for coating, to remove corrosion deposits and previously applied coatings, and is also used as a finishing process.

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Protect your company’s plant and equipment with corrosion control services. For more than 30 years, we have been providing corrosion control solutions to WA’s commercial, industrial and mining sectors.

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Metal equipment and components are highly susceptible to corrosion when exposed to chemicals, salt spray, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Corrosion resistant surface treatments serve as tough, durable protection against the elements.

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Since 1993

Fast Blast Protective Coating Services

Fast Blast is Perth’s local expert on renewing and protecting your commercial, industrial, and mining steel structures with abrasive blasting, corrosion control, and specialised surface treatments.

Based in Western Australia we are specialists in providing industrial coating services for new and used equipment. Fast Blast’s high quality, industrial protective coatings are designed to lengthen the life of treated components and meet the long-term needs of our clients. They also help reduce damage to equipment and industrial structures over time, including wear and tear caused by abrasion, overexposure to heat, chemical exposure, and corrosion.

Abrasive blasting & wear-resistant coating

For more than 30 years, we have provided top-quality surface treatment services to some of WA’s leading commercial, industrial, and mining operations. Our Bayswater workshop has the surface treatment facilities to handle all steel treatment requirements, from a basic zinc primer coating to a full paint system or customised spray treatment. Our hard working staff promises a fast turnaround time and friendly service.

From abrasive blasting to wear-resistant coatings, we offer proven corrosion control solutions for your factory plant and equipment, machinery, pipes, tanks, and many other steel structures.